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The Sting II

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102 Minutes


Get ready for the next Sting! Those incredible con men are at it again and setting their next scheme in motion. The Depression is over and everybody wants an even bigger piece of the action. It's twist after twist as Gondorff (Jackie Gleason), Hooker (Mac Davis) and Countess Veronica (Teri Garr) try to out sting both Doyle Lonnegan (Oliver Reed), the notorious gangster previously stung by this group and now out for revenge and profit, and Macalinski (Karl Malden), a local racketeer. It's the con to outdo all cons, and someone's finally going to get stung... but who?


Adam Hollander
Al Robertson
Angela Robinson
Angela Robinson
Benny Baker
Bert Remsen
Bill Caplan
Bob Minor
Bob O'Connell
Carl Gottlieb
Carolyn Carradine
Cassandra Peterson
Corey Michael Eubanks
Cynthia Cypert
Danie-Wade Dalton
Danny Dayton
David Ankrum
David Cadiente
Ed Ruffalo
Frances Bergen
Francis X. Mccarthy
Fred Dennis
Guy Way
Hank Garrett
Harry James
Howard Dayton
Jackie Gleason
Jill Jaress
John Hancock
José Pérez
Karl Malden
Kathalina Veniero
Larry Bishop
Larry Hankin
Lesa Weis
Mac Davis
Marty Denkin
Max Wright
Mel Pape
Michael Alldredge
Monica Lewis
Oliver Reed
Paul Lee Willson
Ramiro González
Rex Pierson
Richard C. Adams
Ron Rifkin
Ron Stein
Sidney Clute
T. Max Graham
Teri Garr
Terri Berland
Tim Rossovich
Tony Giorgio
Val Avery
Woodrow Parfrey



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