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365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley

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98 Minutes


Depicting a year in the life of a small town caught in the center of a high profile scandal, "365: A Year in Happy Valley" chronicles the aftermath of the Sandusky trial, following the Penn State and State College community as it moves on from the events of November 2011. Exploring the trial, the behavior of the media, and how the events thrust the community into the national spotlight, this powerful documentary showcases how the school, students, and locals are rising above it all to create a community worth celebrating, showcasing the strength and resolve of those who live in and cherish what is known as "Happy Valley."


Alycia Chambers
Bob Costas
Bob Costas
Donald B. Kraybill
Franco Harris
Harry Hamilton
Helen Manfull
James P. Kimmel Jr.
Joe Humphreys
Joel Blunk
Michael Desmond
Mimi Barash Coppersmith
Ryan Beckler
Sam Ficken
Tom Donchez
William Christopher Clarke



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