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Headin' for the Rio Grande

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60 Minutes


Western - Singing cowboy Tex Saunders (Tex Ritter) finds himself in a heap of trouble when he agrees to investigate local gangsters at the behest of a lovely lady (Eleanor Stewart). As payment for his pains, he's framed by a saloon owner (Warner Richmond) for killing bad guy Red Dugan (James Mason) and forced to sweat it out in jail. Will his faithful sidekick, Chilo (Syd Saylor), show up to save his skin … or will Tex have a date with the gallows? - Tex Ritter, Warner Richmond, Eleanor Stewart


'Snub' Pollard
Ben Field
Bill Woods
Buck Morgan
Bud Osborne
Bud Pope
Budd Buster
Charles K. French
Charles King
Cleve Monroe
Clyde Mcclary
Dan Fitzpatrick
Duke R. Lee
Earl Dwire
Eleanor Stewart
Forrest Taylor
Frank Todd
Fred Parker
Jack C. Smith
Jim Mason
Johnny Caldwell
Oscar Gahan
Phil Harrison
Pinky Barnes
Rudy Sooter
Sherry Tansey
Syd Saylor
Tex Cooper
Tex Palmer
Tex Ritter
Tex Sale
Warner Richmond
White Flash
William Desmond



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