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The Girl of the Golden West

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121 Minutes


Mary Robbins is a moderately educated, beautiful, young woman who owns the saloon called "The Poker". She is the only woman in the town of Couldee - making her the fancy of all the men there, especially to Sheriff Jack Rance. On the way to Monterey to sing at a mass officiated by Father Sienna, her stagecoach is held up by the infamous masked bandit, Ramerez. He too takes a fancy to Mary, and decides to secretly follow her, taking on the identity of an officer named, Lieutenant Johnson. While in Monterey, he dances, sings and courts Mary, who has now fallen in love with him. He then has to make a quick getaway. In the mean-time, Sheriff Jack has set up a trap to catch Ramerez at "The Poker". When Ramerez does arrive he soon discovers that Mary is the owner, and quickly changes to the identity of Lieutenant Johnson. How long can this charade last?


Alberto Morin
Armand 'Curly' Wright
Bill Cody Jr.
Billy Bevan
Bob Murphy
Bob Pierce
Brandon Tynan
Buddy Ebsen
Carlos Ruffino
Charley Grapewin
Chief John Big Tree
Cliff Edwards
Dell Henderson
E. Alyn Warren
Edward Peil Sr.
Forbes Murray
Francis Ford
Frank Mcglynn Sr.
Frank O'Connor
Gene Coogan
H.B. Warner
Hal Le Sueur
Hank Bell
Harry Semels
Jeanette Macdonald
Jeanne Ellis
Jim Farley
Jim Mason
Joe Dominguez
Joe Popkin
June Harrison
Leo Carrillo
Leonard Penn
Monty Woolley
Nelson Eddy
Nick Thompson
Noah Beery
Olin Howland
Owen Marsh
Pedro Regas
Philip Armenta
Priscilla Lawson
Richard Tucker
Robert Mckenzie
Robert Milasch
Rodolfo Hoyos
Ronald R. Rondell
Russell Simpson
Sergei Arabeloff
Tom Mahoney
Victor Potel
Virginia Howell
Walter Bonn
Walter Pidgeon
Ynez Seabury
Zita Baca



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