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Before Dawn

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60 Minutes


Joe Valerie stashed a million dollars in gold from a robbery 15 years earlier. Now that he lay dying a painful death, he trades the location of the money to Dr. Cornelius for a shot to end his suffering. When Mrs. Marble reads about the death of Joe, she wants to spend the money, but the ghost of Joe causes her to fall down the stairs ending her life. When the police show up, they are not sure if it is murder of not, so they enlist Dr. Cornelius and clairvoyant Patricia to help solve the case. But everyone, except Mattie and Patricia, is looking for the loot and not the ghost of Joe Valerie.


Dorothy Wilson
Dudley Digges
Frank Reicher
Gertrude Hoffmann
Jane Darwell
Oscar Apfel
Stuart Erwin
Warner Oland



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