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Flying Blind

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69 Minutes


A flyer protects vital defense secrets from evil foreign agents operating in the United States during WWII. Flying between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, honeymoon air service operator Jim Clark (Arlen) likes his average, but profitable, life. Clarks secretary Shirley (Parker) waits in the wings, dreaming about the day her boss will fly her to Las Vegas to get married. However, Clark is soon forced to fight a gang of foreign spies, who are looking to steal a new transformer for American fighter planes, when they hijack his plane. There ends up being a wild and outrageous final air chase between Clark and the spies, with an exciting conclusion.


Charlotte Henry
Dick Purcell
Dwight Frye
Eddie Quillan
Grady Sutton
James Seay
Jean Parker
Joseph Crehan
Kay Sutton
Marie Wilson
Nils Asther
Richard Arlen
Roger Pryor
William Hall



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