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121 Minutes


Academy Award(R) winner Matt Damon (GOOD WILL HUNTING, Best Original Screenplay, 1997; THE BOURNE SUPREMACY) and Edward Norton (THE ITALIAN JOB) star in this story of passion, risk, and the extreme price of friendship! After losing a high-stakes card game, Mike (Damon) gives up gambling for law school and a fresh start with his girlfriend (Gretchen Mol -- CRADLE WILL ROCK). But then his best buddy (Norton) gets out of prison and in over his head with a ruthless card shark (John Malkovich -- BEING JOHN MALKOVICH). From there, Mike's strong sense of loyalty –- and the lure of the game -– draw him back to the tables in a game he cannot afford to lose! Also starring John Turturro (O BROTHER, WHERE ARE THOU?) and Oscar(R) winner Martin Landau (ED WOOD, Best Supporting Actor, 1994).


Adam Lefevre
Alan Davidson
Allan Havey
Bill Camp
Billy Campbell
Brian Anthony Wilson
Charlie Matthes
Chris Messina
David Zayas
Dominic Marcus
E. Matthew Yavne
Edward Norton
Erik Laray Harvey
Famke Janssen
George Kmeck
Goran Višnjić
Gretchen Mol
Hank Jacobs
Jay Boryea
Joe Zaloom
Joey Vega
John Di Benedetto
John Gallagher Jr.
John Malkovich
John Turturro
Johnny Chan
Joseph Parisi
Josh Mostel
Josh Pais
Kerry O'Malley
Kohl Sudduth
Lenny Clarke
Lenny Venito
Lisa Gorlitsky
Mal Z. Lawrence
Mario Mendoza
Martin Landau
Matt Damon
Melina Kanakaredes
Merwin Goldsmith
Michael Arkin
Michael Lombardi
Michael Rispoli
Michael Ryan Segal
Michele Zanes
Murphy Guyer
Neal Hemphill
Nicole Brier
P.J. Brown
Paul Cicero
Peter Yoshida
Ray Iannicelli
Richard Mawe
Sal Richards
Slava Schoot
Sonny Zito
Tom Aldredge
Tony Hoty
Vernon E. Jordan Jr.



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