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An Enemy of the People

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90 Minutes


A small forest town is trying to promote itself as a place for tourists to come enjoy the therapeutic hot springs and unspoiled nature. Dr. Stockmann, however, makes the inconvenient discovery that the nature around the village is not so unspoiled. In fact, the runoff from the local tanning mill has contaminated the water to a dangerous degree. The town fathers argue that cleaning up the mess would be far too expensive and the publicity would destroy the town's reputation, so therefore news of the pollution should be suppressed. Dr. Stockmann decides to fight to get the word out to the people, but receives as very mixed reaction.


Bart Williams
Bibi Andersson
Charles Durning
Darel Glaser
Delos V. Smith Jr.
Eric Christmas
Gene Ruymen
Glenn Ransom
Gregory Bell
Ham Larsen
Harry Frazier
Jack Carol
Jim Begg
John Levin
John Voldstad
Joseph G. Medalis
Kay E. Kuter
Kenneth W. Tanner
Kenneth White
Leon Charles
Lillian Adams
Louise Hoven
Luce Rains
Marc De Vries
Michael Cristofer
Michael Greene
Michael Higgins
Michael Vandever
Miriam Hendry
Richard A. Dysart
Richard Bradford
Robert Clement
Robin Pearson Rose
Russ Marin
Seamon Glass
Stan Stratton
Steve Mcqueen
Steven Douglas Hartley
Teddy Blue
Thor Nielsen
Walter Stroud
Zachary Lewis



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