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98 Minutes


Pregnant, unmarried teenagers were not well-regarded in Philomena Lee's 1950's Irish Catholic community in England. Forced to give her son up for adoption in the United States, Philomena (Academy Award®-Winner Judi Dench) was also made to sign a contract forbidding her from any inquiry into his whereabouts. Years later, after starting a family in England and for the most part moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith (Steve Coogan of TROPIC THUNDER), a BBC reporter with whom she decides to journey to America to finally discover her long-lost son. Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, "The Lost Child of Philomena Lee," PHILOMENA takes you along on that emotional trip.


Amber Batty
Amy Mcallister
Anna Maxwell Martin
Barbara Jefford
Cathy Belton
Charissa Shearer
Charles Edwards
Charlie Murph
Charlie Murphy
D.J. Mcgrath
Elliot Levey
Florence Keith-Roach
Frankie Mccafferty
Gary Lilburn
George Fisher
George Michael Rados
Harrison D'Ampney
Jordan King
Judi Dench
Kate Fleetwood
Mare Winningham
Marie Jones
Martin Glyn Murray
Michelle Fairley
Nicholas Jones
Nika Mcguigan
Paris Arrowsmith
Peter Hermann
Rachel Wilcock
Rita Hamill
Ruth Mccabe
Saoirse Bowen
Sara Stewart
Sean Mahon
Simone Lahbib
Sophie Kennedy Clark
Steve Coogan
Tadhg Bowen
Vaughn Johseph
Wunmi Mosaku



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