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90 Minutes


Ben's life is on a predictable but seemingly perfect path, with success in his future in both his career and personal life. He has a fine fiancee, a great job working for her dad, and it looks like he may be about to take over her dad's practice as a psychologist once he ties the knot with the daughter. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Nadia changes everything. After meeting her, recurring dreams of her turn into something much more. He finds he is able to connect with Nadia in dreams, getting her real phone number through a dream initially, then going on beautiful journeys together through their past memories, in dreams. Ben must decide if this one in a million connection actually is real, and if he is meant to throw away a good life, for... literally, the girl of his dreams. WAKING is a romantic, funny, heartfelt look at what we are all meant to do in life, and the search for that incredible moment where it all becomes clear.


Alison Haislip
Jean Smart
Meg Cionni
Skyler Caleb
Tara Erickson
Timothy Daly



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