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123 Minutes


Private investigator Tom Welles (Nicolas Cage) leads a normal life with his wife (Catherine Keener) and daughter in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, spending most of his time on routine unfaithful-spouse cases. But an assignment involving a small, innocuous-looking reel of film sends him down a sordid and terrifying path into society's darkest corners. From the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard to New York's meat-packing district, Welles relentlessly pursues a trail of graphic and disturbing evidence to learn the fate of a complete stranger, a girl who begins to haunt his conscience. Aided in his obsession by a streetwise adult bookstore clerk (Joaquin Phoenix), Welles drifts away from his wife, family and former life, as he comes to realize how deadly a small reel of eight-millimeter film can be.


Amy Morton
Anthony Heald
Catherine Keener
Chris Bauer
Claudia Aros
James Gandolfini
Jenny Powell
Joaquin Phoenix
Mario Ernesto Sánchez
Myra Carter
Nicolas Cage
Norman Reedus
Peter Stormare
Suzy Nakamura
Torsten Voges
William Lawrence Mack



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