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Cherry Falls

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92 Minutes


Cherry Falls is a quiet little town - until the night that a serial killer begins preying on its youth. After a third teen is found slain, the killer's modus operandi emerges: the victims were all virgins. Sheriff Marken (Michael Biehn), is concerned for the safety of the teens in general and in particular his own daughter Jody (Brittany Murphy), who is still a virgin.Once the students realise that to save their skins they're going to have to lose their virginity now, a meet-and-mate party takes shape. Jody finds herself at the centre of the mystery and the mayhem. As the students' 'Pop Your Cherry' ball gets going off campus, Jody takes matters into her own hands, in more ways than one...


Amanda Anka
Bre Blair
Bret Mckee
Brittany Murphy
Candy Clark
Clementine Ford
Colin Fickes
Dj Qualls
Douglas Spain
Gabriel Mann
Jay Mohr
Jesse Bradford
Joannah Portman
Joe Inscoe
Keram Malicki-Sánchez
Kristen Miller
Michael Biehn
Michael Goodwin
Michael Weston
Natalie Ramsey
Vicki Davis
Zachary Knighton



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