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Female Convict Scorpion

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100 Minutes


The original revenge killer is reborn! A ruthless pack of thugs forces mild-mannered, caught-in-the-middle-of-something-bigger Nami to murder her fiancé's sister, decidedly ruining her pending marriage and landing the poor girl in the most brutal women's prison ever seen. Inside the hellblocks, she decides to stop being a victim at all costs, and ends up becoming stronger and even more vicious than the craziest inmates in the pen. She eventually escapes, gets valuable fight training from a mysterious mountain man and returns to the streets in order to make the thugs who ruined her life pay. Now Nami prefers to go by the name Sasori (translation - Scorpion).


Cat Lo Siu-Yi
Dylan Kuo
Emme Wong
Lam Suet
Miki Mizuno
Nana Natsume
Ryo Ishibashi
Sam Lee
Simon Yam
Siu-Lung Leung



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