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Justice, My Foot!

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102 Minutes


Sung (Chow) is by far the best lawyer in Guangdong and the outlying areas of Southeast China. His skills have earned his family an excellent living, albeit his habit of winning all his cases by whatever means necessary. Because of his shyster ways, none of his sons survived beyond a year old, causing grief for his wife Madam Sung (Mui). Upon the death of his 13th son, Sung decides to retire from law, and switch to business, opening an inn in the middle of town, and a tea stand on the outskirts of the city.Sung finds it difficult to truly give up his former career, and in his boredom reenacts his final case constantly. A chance encounter between Madam Sung and a woman whose husband was suspiciously murdered revives his hopes of returning to court. However, the case is compounded by corrupt magistrates, who make it their goal to bury the truth. Sung needs all his wits to beat a system that he has embraced for a long time, as well as redeem himself so he can finally start a family.


Anita Mui
Biu Law Che
Carrie Ng
Cheng Kwun-Min
Chi-Ming Leung
Chun Wong
Eddy Ko Hung
Fofo Ma Seung-Ngok
Jonathan Chik Gei-Yee
Kai Chi Leung
Kai-Keung Sze
Kan-Wing Tsang
Ki Yee Chik
Kingdom Yuen King-Tan
Lam Foo-Wai
Lau Chi-Ming
Leung Kar-Yan
Li Shing-Cheong
Mimi Chu Mai-Mai
Ng Man-Tat
Paul Che Biu-Law
Paul Chun Pui
Si Gaai-Keung
Stephen Chow
Tai Wo Tang
Wong Hung
Yeung Yau-Cheung
Yu Ngai-Ho



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