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Series 7: The Contenders

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86 Minutes


And you thought reality-based TV's gotten out of hand? Meet some real survivors! In the near future, six average citizens are chosen by random lottery to kill each other for the viewing enjoyment of millions. The game continues until one survivor is left standing. A cutting-edge satire from tabloid TV producer Daniel Minihan, The Contenders is a wry statement on the cultural void engendered by the boob tube.


Adena Shea Loomis
Alex Yershov
Angelina Phillips
Aydin Bengisu
Babo Harrison
Brooke Smith
Caitlin Bateman
Danton Stone
Donna Hanover
Glenn Fitzgerald
James Lecesne
Jennifer Van Dyck
John Ventimiglia
Joseph Barrett
Josh Mosby
Kirsten Krohn
Lauren Ward
Mark Woodbury
Marylouise Burke
Merritt Wever
Michael Kaycheck
Nada Despotovich
Pamela Wehner
Richard Venture
Robin Borden
Shawna Moore
Stephen Michael Rinaldi
Tanny Mcdonald
Tom Gilroy
Will Arnett
William Graves



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