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Another Man, Another Chance

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130 Minutes


A photographer, who has been hired to photograph the wild west of America where he has lived his entire life, tells his client of a photograph he has that was taken one hundred years ago by his French great-grandmother that epitomizes what he is trying to capture. The story behind the photographer's heritage and that photograph... In the early 1870s, photographer Francis Leroy and who would eventually becomes his wife, Jeanne Leroy née Perriere, a baker's daughter and an aspiring photographer in her own right, move from Paris, where strife has taken hold due to Napoleon's loss in the Franco-Prussian War, to the American west, where the light is more conducive for their photography work. The move is despite not knowing about life at their destination and not knowing how to speak English. Veterinarian David Williams and his wife Mary Williams love each other, but their wants in life are incompatible with each other...


Christopher Lloyd
Diana Dill
Francis Huster
Fred Stuthman
Geneviève Bujold
Jacques Villeret
James Caan
Jennifer Warren
Linda Lee Lyons
Michael Berryman
Rance Howard
Richard Farnsworth
Robert Tessier
Rossie Harris
Susan Tyrrell
Vincent Schiavelli



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