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The Outriders

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93 Minutes


Folks headed from Santa Fe to St. Louis by wagon train trust the riders escorting them, tough hombres who proved their mettle by fighting off an Indian attack. Yet the riders are wolves in sheep's clothing. They're Confederate soldiers who aim to lead the wagontrain and its cargo of Union gold into a Rebel ambush. The Outriders is about that journey…and of one man's journey from villain to hero. Joel McCrea plays the Johnny Reb whose change ofheart is inspired in part by a lovely wagon train passenger (Arlene Dahl). Rugged men. Wide-open spaces. Sudden dangers. The hallmarks of the cinematic West are here. And topping them all is a daring river crossing that's "one of the best of its kind everdone on film" (Variety).


Arlene Dahl
Barry Sullivan
Claude Jarman Jr.
Dorothy Adams
James Whitmore
Jeff Corey
Joel Mccrea
Martin Garralaga
Ramon Novarro
Ted De Corsia



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