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105 Minutes


A railroad crossing. A stranded car. A beautiful blonde - unconscious. Moody scientist Jim Grayam (Jeff Hunter) rescues the lovely Lorrie (Anne Francis), only to learn that she's his boss' wife! She wants out of the marriage, but her cruel, controlling husband Cort (Dana Andrews) won't let her go. After Grayam and Lorrie embark on a torrid affair, he hatches the perfect plan: kill Cort while faking insanity to avoid a murder rap! Grayam's convincing portrayal makes everyone believe he's gone mad: the judge, the psychiatrists, and eventually even himself. In this edgy psychological thriller directed by veteran character actor and thriller specialist William Conrad (My Blood Runs Cold, Two on a Guillotine), there's method to one's madness. And you'd be crazy to miss it.


Anne Francis
Dana Andrews
George Pelling
Jeffrey Hunter
Joan Swift
Kathie Browne
Michael Pate
Pat Cardi
Phillip Pine
Robert Mcqueeney
Stacy Harris
Stephen Roberts
Strother Martin
Victoria Paige Meyerink
Viveca Lindfors



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