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Invaders from Mars

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99 Minutes


In the middle of the night, 11-year old Jimmy Gardner awakens to find a space craft landing in the hills beyond his home. No one believes his story, but during the following day, Jimmy notices the strange behavior of his parents and other members of the community. A frightening adventure into the unknown as alien vampires decide that Earth would be the perfect new feeding ground for their blood thirsty appetites. A special-effects spectacular.


Bud Cort
Charlie Dell
Chris Hebert
Christopher Allport
Dale Dye
Debbie Lee Carrington
Debra Berger
Donald Hotton
Eddy Donno
Eric Pierpoint
Hunter Carson
James Karen
Jimmy Hunt
Karen Black
Kenneth Kimmins
Laraine Newman
Louise Fletcher
Mark Giardino
Mason Nupuf
Randall Wulff
Sal Fondacaro
Scott Leva
Steven Lambert
Timothy Bottoms
Tony Cox
Virginya Keehne
William Bassett
William Frankfather



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