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Farewell My Lovely

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95 Minutes


Raymond Chandler's private eye, Philip Marlowe is involved in a case of deception, double-cross and murder. Moose Malloy is a giant ex-con, fresh out of prison, who wants Marlowe to find his missing sweetheart, Velma. Marlowe winds up lying unconscious on the floor with a dead man next to him. He asks Grayle, a seedy collector, for some answers and runs into the seductive Mrs Grayle who sends him to a former gangster. The visit almost costs Marlow his life. He senses a connection between Mrs Grayle and the mysterious Velma and comes to the conclusion they are one and the same person - and that person needs him dead.


Anthony Zerbe
Burton Gilliam
Charlotte Rampling
Cheryl Smith
Harry Dean Stanton
Jack O'Halloran
Jim Thompson
Jimmy Archer
Jimmy Thompson
Joe Spinell
John Eames
John Ireland
John O'Leary
Kate Murtagh
Mark Allen
Robert Mitchum
Sylvester Stallone
Sylvia Miles
Walter Mcginn



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