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Age of Summerhood

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108 Minutes


Remember summer camp? Not like this, you don't. With marvelous narration by John Cusack, this serrated sendoff on childhood chronicles a pivotal summer in the life of a 10-year-old boy who falls head over heels for the camp's local preteen beauty, which sparks a summer camp civil war between four best friends on the brink of maturity. The delinquent boys of cabin B are led by "Fetus," a tiny ten-year-old having an early mid-life crisis. Fetus and his preteen posse of "Reckless," "Toast" and "Grandpa" swear upon a journey to become camp legends, but ambitions are quickly complicated by the stirring arrival of "Sundae," Fetus' first summer love. Fetus' exposing and failing effort in his quest for love is met with crippling consequences! He is castoff by his friends and his girl, and he is red-flagged by the Assistant Camp Director. Humiliated, rejected and confined to his cabin, Fetus has no choice but to risk a life without camp for one last shot at love and glory.


Amy Kerr
Christopher Mcdonald
Jesse Camacho
Joe Flaherty
Lucian Maisel
Raquel Alessi
Reva Timbers
Scott Beaudin



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