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90 Minutes


Ashley Collins is trying to escape. Though she fantasizes about passionately kissing another 17-year-old girl, in reality, she barely communicates with the outside world and cuts herself. Vincent, the school therapist, isn't able get her to talk, let alone help her. Her mother, Stacy, is more concerned with the bottle and spends her time staring at a photo of her lost husband, a loss she blames on Ashley. Ashley thinks she makes a connection when she meets a young girl named Vicky, but Vicky finds it too hard to handle and Ashley is crushed. Ashley feels she'll never connect with anyone and can't escape her loneliness until she meets Candice in an online chat room. Candice makes Ashley smile like never before. Candice may be the salvation that Ashley needs, but will she ever trust anyone again?


Alex Arleo
Holly Taylor
Ilea Matthews
Jennifer Taylor
Lauren C. Mayhew
Mallory Moye
Michael Madsen
Nicole Fox
Tom Malloy



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