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Santa Fe Marshal

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65 Minutes


Hopalong Cassidy, in the position of a U.S. Marshal, comes to town disguised as a medicine man in order to clean out a gang of thieves. After Hoppy sets up the medicine wagon in town, another wagon breaks loose and the horses run away with it. Hoppy manages to stop the wagon and endears himself to the owner, an elderly woman, "Ma" Burton who takes him in as a lodger. Hoppy soon discovers that Ma is head of the very gang he has come to investigate. Before he can round up the gang, one of them rides off with the medicine wagon, holding a girl hostage.


Bernadene Hayes
Billy Jones
Billy Wilkerson
Billy Wilkerson
Britt Wood
Cliff Parkinson
Duke Green
Earle Hodgins
Eddie Dean
Frank Ellis
George Anderson
George Morrell
George Sowards
Horace B. Carpenter
Jack Montgomery
Jack Rockwell
Jim Corey
Kenneth Harlan
Lee Phelps
Marjorie Rambeau
Mathew Mccue
Matt Moore
Merrill Mccormick
Robert Mckenzie
Rube Dalroy
Russell Hayden
William Boyd
William Pagan



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