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109 Minutes


Not long after Pearl Harbor, the U.S. scrambles for ships to put to sea – ships like the dry-docked WWI destroyer Warren. An "old Noah's Ark," scoffs Lt. Gregg Masterman (Robert Taylor), a Harvard-schooled Bostonian ensconced in a cushy desk job. Care to guess who will be volunteered to be the aged ship's executive officer? The character of a callow young man who ultimately proves his worth is one Taylor had played before, notably in A Yank at Oxford and Flight Command. A stellar cast – Charles Laughton, Brian Donlevy, Walter Brennan – joins him in a tale that veers into comic waters (the crew become awkward caretakers of a bevy of infants rescued at sea) before steaming full ahead into the strategies and salvos of fiery battle action in the Pacific. Taylor would actually serve as a Navy Air Corps flight instructor during the war. Lovely Marilyn Maxwell, who debuts here, would entertain troops as a member of Bob Hope's USO tours.


Brian Donlevy
Byron Foulger
Charles Laughton
Chill Wills
Dick Simmons
Douglas Fowley
Douglass Dumbrille
Henry O'Neill
Marilyn Maxwell
Marta Linden
Richard Quine
Robert Taylor
Tim Ryan
Walter Brennan
William Tannen



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