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94 Minutes


The true story of a mother's love, a father's madness and a little boy's courage. David Rothenberg (Matthew Lawrence) is a six-year-old boy who is tragically disfigured in the flames of a twisted murder-suicide plot perpetrated by his own father. Marie Rothenberg (Bernadette Peters), David's mother, stayed by David's side throughout the exhausting ordeal of recovery in a burns unit. John Cirillo (Dan Lauria) is the New York cop whose love and concern helped Marie to survive the nightmare they lived through. Charles Rothenberg (John Glover) is the father whose madness scarred his son forever, but it was David's courage and determination that were an inspiration to everyone he touched.


Bernadette Peters
Cheryl Anderson
Christopher Allport
Dan Lauria
Georgann Johnson
George Grizzard
John Glover
Jordan Charney
Matthew Lawrence



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