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Navy Blue and Gold

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93 Minutes


"Truck" Cross (James Stewart) is a hardworking midshipman, sworn to regain his father's disgraced honor. Roger Ash (Robert Young) is a cynical, top-notch athlete hiding a heart of gold, and Richard Gates (Tom Brown) is the pampered but determined son of New York socialites. They are three very different young men who find themselves rooming together during their first year at the Naval Academy of Annapolis. Here they learn the real meaning of teamwork and competition as they lead the battle on and off the Navy's fields of glory. Navy Blue and Gold is an engaging, heartwarming Hollywood tribute to one of America's most hallowed institutions, from the opening kickoff to the final two-minute, tear-filled finale.


Barbara Bedford
Barnett Parker
Bert Moorhouse
Billie Burke
Buddy Williams
Charles Waldron
Cyril Ring
Dale Van Sickel
Dennis Morgan
Dick Winslow
Don 'Red' Barry
Donald Douglas
Eddie Hall
Eddie Hart
Florence Rice
Frank Albertson
George Magrill
Harold Miller
Henry Taylor
Jack Pennick
James Stewart
John Hiestand
John Shelton
Joseph R. Tozer
Julie Bescos
Lionel Barrymore
Louis Durst
Matt Mchugh
Minor Watson
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Pat Flaherty
Paul Barrett
Paul Kelly
Phillip Terry
Robert Hoover
Robert Middlemass
Robert Young
Roger Converse
Samuel S. Hinds
Ted Pearson
Tom Brown
Tom Hanlon
Walter S. Delany
Walter Soderling
Wilfred Lucas
Will Morgan



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