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The Bride Walks Out

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80 Minutes


When a young wife accustomed to champagne and caviar finds married life means weenies and beans, "The Bride Walks Out." This brisk, engaging comedy asks "Can love conquer all – especially on a $35-a-week budget?" And, of course, through bills and battles, quarrels and quirks, the answer is "yes." Barbara Stanwyck stars as the extravagant, clothes-loving bride and Gene Raymond is her devoted, underpaid groom. Robert Young (TV's beloved Marcus Welby) is the boozy playboy who teaches the bride that luxury is expensive… but love is priceless. With first-rate stars, an endearing theme and a supporting cast full of veteran wisecrackers and wise guys, "The Bride Walks Out" walks in a winner in this "breezy comedy hit" (Richard B. Jewell, THE RKO STORY).


Barbara Stanwyck
Billy Gilbert
Gene Raymond
Hattie Mcdaniel
Helen Broderick
Ned Sparks
Robert Warwick
Robert Young
Wade Boteler
Willie Best



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