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Out West with the Hardys

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83 Minutes


When Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) gets a cry for help from his old school chum Dora (Nana Bryant), he packs the whole clan up and heads out west to help her save her ranch. Landing where the buffalo roam, Judge Hardy sets to "researches and strategizes" for a legal answer to Dora's water rights issues while Andy (Mickey Rooney) tries to pass as a Westerner with disastrous results. And


Ann Rutherford
Buddy Roosevelt
Cecilia Parker
Charles Groves
Don Castle
Eddy Waller
Erville Alderson
Fay Holden
George Douglas
George Sowards
Gordon Jones
Jesse Graves
Joe Dominguez
John Hubbard
Lewis Stone
Marilyn Stuart
Mary Bovard
Mickey Rooney
Nana Bryant
Ralph Morgan
Sara Haden
Thurston Hall
Tom Neal
Virginia Weidler



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