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Broadway Serenade

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113 Minutes


Jeanette MacDonald, having just been named "Queen of the Movies" by 22 million filmgoers in a 1939 New York Daily News opinion survey, stars in this elegant and alluring, fun-filled musical. Costarring leading man Lew Ayres, it's a rich and fitting tribute to the Broadway stage. Mary and Jimmy are a show biz couple, working the small joints in the Big Apple, hoping for a shot at the spotlights. Coincidentally, they both get a break at the same time; Jimmy earns a chance to pursue his music abroad, while Mary is cast in the road company of a big producer's new show. By the time Mary returns to New York she's already a star, and Jimmy's jealousy over her supposed romance with the producer gets the better of him. This love story, set against a terrific musical score and packed with one hit song after another, makes Broadway Serenade a powerful, triumphant success.


A.S. 'Pop' Byron
Al Hill
Al Shean
Allen Fox
Amzie Strickland
Arthur Housman
Arthur Q. Bryan
Barbara Bedford
Bernard Siegel
Bert Moorhouse
Bruce Mitchell
Charles Sherlock
Claude King
Clayton Moore
Delos Jewkes
Dick Dennis
Don Brodie
E. Alyn Warren
Edward Hearn
Ernie Alexander
Estelle Etterre
Esther Dale
Esther Howard
Frank Morgan
Frank Orth
Franklin Pangborn
Gertrude Short
Hans Joby
Helen Seamon
Ian Hunter
Jack Hutchinson
Jack Luden
Jack Raymond
Jane Barnes
Jay Eaton
Jeanette Macdonald
Jill Dennett
Katharine Alexander
Ken Darby
Kenny Stevens
Kenny Stevenson
Kitty Mchugh
Larry Wheat
Leon Belasco
Lew Ayres
Lionel Royce
Marjorie Kane
Mary Beth Hughes
Mary Gordon
Mary Kent
Mary Maclaren
Morgan Wallace
Norman Willis
Olaf Hytten
Patricia West
Paul Hurst
Paul Newlan
Ray Mayer
Ray Walker
Rita Johnson
Roy Lester
Sydney Jarvis
Ted Oliver
Tom Hanlon
Virginia Grey
W.E. Lawrence
Wally Vernon
Warren Lewis
William Gargan
William Tannen



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