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Judge Hardy and Son

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89 Minutes


When an elderly couple is faced with eviction, Judge Hardy unleashes Carvel's secret weapon: his son, the irrepressible Andy Hardy! Suspecting that the couple (character great Maria Ouspenskaya alongside Egon Brecher) is concealing the existence of an estranged daughter Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) tasks Andy (Mickey Rooney) with finding that daughter. Acting on a hunch, Andy decides to investigate any local girls who have the middle initial "V"


Ann Rutherford
Blossom Rock
Cecilia Parker
Cliff Clark
Edna Holland
Egon Brecher
Ernie Alexander
Erville Alderson
Fay Holden
George P. Breakston
Henry Hull
Jack Mulhall
James B. Carson
Joe Yule
June Preisser
Leona Maricle
Lewis Stone
Margaret Early
Maria Ouspenskaya
Marie Blake
Martha O'Driscoll
Mickey Rooney
Milton Parsons
Sara Haden



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