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Stranger On the Third Floor

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Critics and fans agree: Stranger on the Third Floor is the little B picture that launched one of the greatest movements in cinemahistory: film noir. Peter Lorre plays the eerie title role in this once-neglected gem about a reporter (John McGuire) whosetestimony sentences a small-time loser (Elisha Cook Jr.) to the electric chair for murder. When the reporter himself is fingered ina second murder, he realizes both crimes are the work of a furtive stranger – but will anyone believe him? All the shadowy, shivery,angled angst of German Expressionism is here, married to the hard-boiled moral ambiguity that marks the genre. The highlight: asuspense-and-sweat-drenched dream sequence that jolted 1940 audiences into an exciting new way of looking at the movies.


Alec Craig
Bess Wade
Betty Farrington
Bobby Barber
Broderick O'Farrell
Bruce Mitchell
Bud Osborne
Catherine Wallace
Charles Halton
Charles Judels
Charles Waldron
Cliff Clark
Dell Henderson
Dick Rush
Donald Kerr
Elisha Cook, Jr.
Emory Parnell
Ethel Griffies
Frank O'Connor
Frank Yaconelli
Gladden James
Greta Granstedt
Harry C. Bradley
Henry Roquemore
Herb Vigran
Jack Cheatham
Jack Gargan
Jane Keckley
Jim Farley
John Harmon
John Mcguire
Lee Bonnell
Lee Phelps
Lynton Brent
Margaret Tallichet
Max Hoffman Jr.
Oscar O'Shea
Otto Hoffman
Paul Mcvey
Peter Lorre
Ralph Sanford
Ray Cooke
Robert Dudley
Robert Weldon
William Edmunds



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