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The Youngest Profession

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78 Minutes


Screen greats Lana Turner, Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Robert Taylor and William Powell all have cameos in this fun-loving comedy about teenage girls who cause mayhem while seeking autographs. Young star Virginia Weidler plays Joan Lyons, a New York City teenager with an endearing flair for the melodramatic. Joan serves as president of a movie fan club whose members collect celebrity autographs. When Joan learns that Greer Garson (as herself) is in town, she and best friend Patsy (Jean Porter) set out to meet the actress and get her famous signature. The giddy pair enjoy an assortment of fun adventures as they encounter several other MGM stars along the way in this breezy, modest little funny-bone tickler.


Agnes Moorehead
Ann Ayars
Beverly Tyler
Dick Simmons
Dorothy Morris
Edward Arnold
Greer Garson
Jean Porter
Jessica Grayson
John Carroll
Lana Turner
Marcia Mae Jones
Marjorie Gateson
Marta Linden
Raymond Roe
Robert Taylor
Sara Haden
Scotty Beckett
Thurston Hall
Virginia Weidler
Walter Pidgeon
William Powell



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