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Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

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75 Minutes


The "Housing Shortage Comedy" might have been a short-lived sub-genre of World War II-era comedy, but it produced some gems in its short lifespan. Among them is this antic, code-provoking jewel from Monogram Pictures starring Simone Simon ("Cat People"). Quebec-native Kathie Aumont (Simon) finds herself sans shelter in Washington, D.C. striking sparks with a shipping-out Marine (William Terry), Kathie convinces the handsome leatherneck to sub-let his place to her. But he neglects to tell her he has lent his keys out to a veritable squadron of fly-by-night soldiers – including a CPO looking to rendezvous with his bride (Robert Mitchum) and a buddy (James Ellison) who strikes some sparks with Kathie all on his own. As the action amps up into screwball mix-ups and mishaps, many the work of an actual gremlin (voiced by an uncredited Mel Blanc), we eventually end up in court where a corker of a surprise ending awaits all.


Alan Dinehart
Chester Clute
Chick Chandler
Dorothy Granger
Gladys Blake
Grady Sutton
James Ellison
Minna Gombell
Robert Mitchum
Simone Simon
William Terry



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