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85 Minutes


Conflict is a love triangle with murder at its heart, an atmospheric film noir of rainy nights, looming shadows, fatal romance and a trench-coated killer that walks out of the mist – all directed by Curtis Bernhardt, a filmmaker skilled in the Expressionistic style of his native Germany. The story embraces the perfect noir topic: the almost-perfect crime. Humphrey Bogart portrays Richard Mason, married to nagging Katherine (Rose Hobart)... but in love with her sunny sister (Alexis Smith). Shortly after a fifth year wedding celebration at the home of a friend (Sydney Greenstreet), Richard decides to remove the obstacle to his happiness. He kills Katherine, carefully leaving no evidence of his guilt. Or at least he thinks he killed her – until mysterious events cause Richard to fear Katherine is very much alive.


Alexis Smith
Ann Shoemaker
Bess Flowers
Charles Drake
Edwin Stanley
Frank Wilcox
Grant Mitchell
Harlan Briggs
Humphrey Bogart
John Harmon
Marjorie Hoshelle
Mary Servoss
Oliver Blake
Patrick O'Moore
Rose Hobart
Sydney Greenstreet



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