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Samson and Delilah

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127 Minutes


The glorious epic style of Cecil B. DeMille is exemplified in this story of the Bible's legendary strongman and the woman who seduces, then betrays him. Victor Mature is the classic Samson, muscular and fearless in his barehanded battle with a lion, his single-handed assault on a thousand Philistine soldiers, his struggle with a giant, and the spectacular Old Testament climax where he pulls down the pagan temple.


Angela Lansbury
Arthur Q. Bryan
Bert Moorhouse
Boyd Davis
Claire Du Brey
Colin Tapley
Davison Clark
Dorothy Adams
Fay Holden
Francis Mcdonald
Frank Reicher
Frank Wilcox
Fritz Leiber
George Reeves
George Sanders
Hedy Lamarr
Henry Wilcoxon
John Miljan
John Parrish
Julia Faye
Kasey Rogers
Lane Chandler
Mike Mazurki
Moroni Olsen
Olive Deering
Pedro De Cordoba
Russ Tamblyn
Russell Hicks
Victor Mature
Victor Varconi
William 'Wee Willie' Davis
William Farnum



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