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The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

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72 Minutes


All I Do Is Dream of You. Not a bad preoccupation for singing lovebirds Dobie (Bobby Van) and Pansy (Debbie Reynolds). But they may want to add more to their cranial cogitations. Like dour Prof. Pomfritt's English class. And chemistry of the test tube and bunsen-burner kind. Dobie and Pansy are students at Grainbelt U., where the motto is Learn, learn, learn. Work, work, work. Yet who can blame them for having fun, fun, fun in this musical comedy scripted by Dobie author Max Shulman? Bob Fosse (one year from his breakthrough The Pajama Game stage choreography) plays Dobie's roomie and fellow skirt-chaser, showing wow, wow, wow brilliance with Van in the exuberant You Can't Do Wrong Doin' Right.


Almira Sessions
Archer Macdonald
Barbara Ruick
Bob Fosse
Bobby Van
Charles Halton
Charles Lane
Debbie Reynolds
Hanley Stafford
Hans Conried
Kathleen Freeman
Lurene Tuttle
Percy Helton
Willis Bouchey



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