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Don't Make Waves

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96 Minutes


"It's entertainment that fills up the screen like she fills out a bikini," the trailer for Don't Make Waves proclaimed. She is Sharon Tate, portraying a beach-loving, sky-diving beauty named Malibu. The entertainment filling up the screen is a gleeful sand-and-surf-and-sex satire based on Ira Wallach's Muscle Beach, set to a title tune by The Byrds and targeting SoCal's go-go beach culture and the high-living hillside denizens of its ocean-view enclaves. Tony Curtis, reteaming with director Andrew Mackendrick of Sweet Smell of Success, plays an eastern interloper who arrives with little and hits on ways to finagle his way into lots. Also making waves: Claudia Cardinale, Robert Webber, Joanna Barnes and bodybuilder David Draper.


Ann Elder
Chester Yorton
Claudia Cardinale
David Draper
Douglas Henderson
Dub Taylor
Joanna Barnes
Marc London
Mary Grace Canfield
Mort Sahl
Reg Lewis
Robert Webber
Sarah Selby
Sharon Tate
Tony Curtis



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