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100 Minutes


Slick, expensively produced caper is set inside swank Parisian penthouses and Riviera seaside resorts as it follows the title character played by Jean Dujardin (star of the OSS 177 comedy franchise) as he launches an acquisitive, diabolical crime spree motivated by the death of his brother during a botched investment scam. Ca$h assembles a formidable team: Jean Reno is Maxime, a criminal mastermind whose hot accomplice Garance (Alice Taglioni) becomes the object of Ca$h's affection. Things become complicated when an undercover cop (Valeria Golino) infiltrates the team. Writer-director Eric Besnard stages loads of high-wire action including plenty of double-crosses and mistaken identities in a film whose grammar is inflected with Soderbergh-ian freeze frames, split screens, slo-motion and surveillance footage, not to mention helicopter shots and chase scenes. From IFC Films.


Alice Taglioni
Caroline Proust
Christian Hecq
Ciarán Hinds
Clovis Cornillac
Cyril Couton
Eriq Ebouaney
François Berléand
Hubert Saint-Macary
Jean Dujardin
Jean Reno
Jocelyn Quivrin
Joe Sheridan
Mehdi Nebbou
Roger Dumas
Valeria Golino



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