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105 Minutes


Frankie (Gary Busey) and Patch (Robbie Robertson) have a system. Frankie wears clown makeup and sits in the dunk-tank cage, howling insults at midway passersby. Patch is out front collecting dollars from marks eager to make Frankie and his big mouth take a dive. It's a good town-to-town living for the two pals. Then Donna (Jodie Foster) came along. A charismatic star trio energizes this grit-and-glitter slice of carnival life that's as atmospheric as a stroll down midway USA. Indeed, music man Robertson, who co-produced and penned the story on which the screenplay was based, once worked as a carny. He and his collaborators ensure that time spent with the impressive sights and unique personalities of this traveling show will be downright unforgettable.


Alan Braunstein
Albert Smith
Bert Remsen
Bill Mckinney
Bob Hannah
Craig Wasson
Elijah Christopher Perry
Elisha Cook, Jr.
Emmett Bejano
Fred Ward
Gary Busey
Jodie Foster
Johann K. Petursson
John Cassidy
John Lehne
Kenneth Mcmillan
Meg Foster
Nomi Mitty
Percilla Bejano
Randal Patrick
Robbie Robertson
Robert Kent
Terry Beaver
Theodore Wilson
Tim Thomerson
Tina Andrews
William S. Bartman
Woodrow Parfrey



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