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Only When I Laugh

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120 Minutes


Neil Simon's magic touch shimmers at its very best in this story about a Broadway actress, Georgia Hines (Marsha Mason), who six years earlier gave up custody of her daughter, Polly (Kristy McNichol), in order to "straighten out her life." But now, just as Georgia is about to star in a play based on her own turbulent romantic past, Polly decides she's going to move in with her mother. There are good times, pretending to be sisters to confuse a pair of college boys, and there are tough times, when they confront one another with the truth about the lost years between them. Through it all, with humor and warmth, they come to know one another again.


Dan Monahan
David Dukes
Guy Boyd
James Coco
Joan Hackett
John Bennett Perry
John Vargas
Kevin Bacon
Kristy Mcnichol
Marsha Mason
Peter Coffield
Tom Ormeny
Venida Evans



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