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90 Minutes


A group of strangers finds themselves imprisoned in a house. Unsure why they are there or who is behind it the group is soon enlightened by a video advising them there is a way out! But the threshold they must cross is one of excruciating pain and – in the face of torture – not everyone is willing to play by the newly created rules. The group is ripped apart by infighting, secret alliances, double-crosses and shattering outbursts of violence. With the clock ticking down, the “one for all” mentality devolves. Just how far will each of them go to survive?


Akeem Smith
April Matson
Artie Baxter
Ceilidh Lamont
Elisha Skorman
Eric Jay Beck
Greg Cipes
Heidi Mueller
Ian Bohen
Kieron Elliott
Maria Olsen
Mark Hengst
Maya Hazen
Maynard James Keenan
Mckenzie Westmore
Rob Kirkland
Stefanie Barboza



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