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Some Mother's Son

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111 Minutes


Surrounded by the conflict in Northern Ireland, Kathleen Quigley has managed to stay clear of it, devoting herself to her three children. Yet in a single moment, the war claims her as one of its living victims. Kathleen is caught in an inescapable political crossfire when her son, actively involved with the IRA, is jailed by the British. Academy Award winner* Helen Mirren (The Queen) portrays Kathleen in a powerful drama of courage and love from the makers of In the Name of the Father. Kathleen's sudden involvement in the conflict brings her into contact with Annie (Fionnula Flanagan), the mother of another imprisoned youth. Together, the two women form an intense bond as they confront a shattering dilemma: honor their sons' belief or intervene to save their lives.


Aidan Gillen
Anna Megan
Ciarán Hinds
David O'Hara
Deirdre Mcaliskey
Fiona Higgins
Fionnula Flanagan
Gene Berrills
Geraldine O'Rawe
Grainne Delany
Helen Mirren
Hugh O'Donnell
James Hickey
John Higgins
John Lynch
Kate Perry
Liam Byrne
Michael O'Sullivan
Michael Sherrie
Mickey Mceneaney
Pat Mulryan
Patrick Mceneaney
Richard Neilson
Ronan O'Donoghue
Tim Woodward
Tom Hollander
Valerie Roe



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