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A Dennis the Menace Christmas

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87 Minutes


Hank Ketcham's world-famous comic character, Dennis Mitchell - aka Dennis the Menace - returns to screen, just in time for the holidays. A curious, mischievous, but never malicious boy, Dennis is always happy to embark on a new adventure, or help out a friend in need. It's not Dennis' fault that, more often than not, his actions lead to comic misfortune for those around him, especially his retired neighbor, Mr. Wilson. This time, in Dennis' version of "A Christmas Carol," Dennis tries to give the Scrooge-like Mr. Wilson the Christmas spirit, but causes havoc during his attempt as he tries to deal with a bully. As a result, Mr. Wilson ends up breaking Dennis' Christmas spirit. Fortunately, an angel of Christmas Past, Present, and Future makes a visit to save Christmas for everyone. Directed by Emmy Award-nominee Ron Oliver (TV's "Goosebumps," TV's "The Chris Issac Show").


China Anne Mcclain
George Newbern
Heidi Hayes
Isaac Durnford
Jack Noseworthy
Jake Beale
Kim Schraner
Louise Fletcher
Marie Matiko
Maxwell Perry Cotton
Robert Wagner



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