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The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream

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91 Minutes


When world class skater Zack's (Lanter) chances to compete at ice-skating highest level are thwarted by an injury to his partner, he must find a new skater quickly or face the reality of not competing at all. Enter Alexandra, an amateur Latina hockey player who's never skated competitively and at first wants nothing to do with Zack. But Zack is desperate, and his will and determination to make Alexandra his new partner eventually prevail. Now the question becomes, can Alexandra dedicate herself to upping her skating game to the next level while not falling for Zack's good looks and charm in the process?


Adrianne Richards
Alycia Purrott
Ben Hollingsworth
Christy Carlson Romano
France Viens
Francia Almendarez
Francia Raisa
Lucinda Davis
Luis Oliva
Marcela Pizarro
Marco Ledezma
Matt Lanter
Sarah Gadon
Stefano Dimatteo
Stephanie Valois



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