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The Indestructible Man

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70 Minutes


Charles "Butcher" Benton sits on death row. He tries to send his girlfriend Eva a letter with the location to the $600,00 that he stole during a bank robbery, but his dishonest lawyer intercepts the letter and steals the map to Benton's fortune. Benton vows revenge on Lowe and all his cronies. After his execution, Benton's body is taken to the laboratory of Dr. Bradshaw, whose experiments to find the cure for cancer accidentally bring Benton back to life, only now he's indestructible.


Dorothy Ford
Eddie Marr
Joe Flynn
Ken Terrell
Ken Terrell
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Madge Bennett
Madge Cleveland
Marian Carr
Marjorie Stapp
Marvin Press
Max Showalter
Peggy Maley
Rita Greene
Robert Foulk
Robert Shayne
Ross Elliott
Roy Engle
Stuart Randall



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