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184 Minutes


Abandoned by her father as a child, the independent twenty-one-year-old Alice is accustomed to men being unpredictable, but Jack Chase is something else. Just moments after surprising her with a rare family ring, he's suddenly kidnapped by two thugs and driven into darkness. It is then that Alice is confronted by a sharply dressed stranger who calls himself White Rabbit, and who promises to know more about Jack than she. Alice follows him through the liquid glass of an ornate mirror and lands in Wonderland, an outlandish underground city of twisted towers and parapets, staircases conceived in a Dali dream, and an otherworldly purple horizon. Soon, the word is out that Wonderland has its most prized captive. It seems Alice has the ring that controls the looking glass-the key to the power of the Queen of Hearts. It was mad folly for her son Jack to give it to a girl he barely knew. But Jack had his reasons. Discovering them is up to Alice.


Alan Gray
Andrew-Lee Potts
Caterina Scorsone
Charlotte Sullivan
Colm Meaney
Eugene Lipinski
Harry Dean Stanton
Kathy Bates
Matt Frewer
Nancy Robertson
Philip Winchester
Tim Curry
Timothy Webber
Zak Santiago



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