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84 Minutes


In Best Player, Quincy (Jerry Trainor) is a thirty-something baggage handler by day and online video game master by night. Perfectly happy to live in a tricked-out basement in his parents' home, Quincy has dedicated his life to being the best cyber multi-player athlete online. But Quincy's world gets turned upside down when his parents decide to sell their house and move to Florida. His only chance to maintain his "perfect" life is to enter a tournament introducing a brand-new video game "Black Hole" and win the prize money to buy his parents' house. As the current multi-player champion, Quincy thinks it's a done deal... until he encounters "Prodigy" (Jennette McCurdy) who threatens to annihilate him.


Amir Talai
Elfina Luk
Gabrielle Rose
Janet Varney
Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Jennette Mccurdy
Jerry Trainor
Jesse Wheeler
Julia Maxwell
Karissa Tynes



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