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WWJD II: The Woodcarver

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96 Minutes


Matthew, a troubled teen with a penchant for vandalism, is reluctantly cleaning up his latest tantrum at the local church when he meets an elderly man named Ernest. When Matthew learns that the church wood carvings he vandalized were hand made by Ernest himself, his shame prompts him to sheepishly offer to help rebuild them. With his parents constantly fighting and his father an employee of the rival wood company that is vying for Ernest's contract, Matthew and Ernest, a long time widower, form an unlikely bond as they rediscover the importance of faith. When the rival company sets fire to the nearly finished wood carving, Ernest and Matthew are not deterred and continue to press on. Matthew's mother and father, finally seeing the error of their ways, join in on the effort to finish the carving in time. Inspired by Ernest's faith and work, they pull together and finish the wood carving and present it to the church. The church and Mathew's family are now whole again.


Anthony Harrison
Dakota Daulby
John Ratzenberger
Merrilyn Gann
Nicole Oliver
Stephen E. Miller



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