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100 Bloody Acres

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90 Minutes


The Morgan brothers are struggling to keep their organic blood and bone fertilizer business afloat. Their secret recipe for success (using dead victims of car crashes in their product) was once a boon to the business, but months have passed since their last find and an important new customer is impatiently waiting on delivery. When younger brother Reg (Damon Herriman, Justified) stumbles upon three stranded travelers on a remote country road, he cooks up a radical solution to their supply problems, in hope of finally gaining the respect he craves from his bossy big brother Lindsay (Angus Sampson, Insidious). But when Reg starts to fall for one of his intended victims, the beautiful Sophie (Anna McGahan), the plan starts to get complicated. A witty, gory blend of Australian humor and horror tropes, the Cairnes Brothers' 100 Bloody Acres is a bloody good time.


Angus Sampson
Anna Mcgahan
Chrissie Page
Damon Herriman
Iain Herridge
Jamie Kristian
John Jarratt
Oliver Ackland
Paul Blackwell
Ward Everaardt



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