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Blue Velvet

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120 Minutes


If you've never taken a trip into the mind of director David Lynch, this is the place to start. At once beautiful, horrifying, erotic and surreal, this 1986 controversial masterpiece is about the evils that can exist in even the most perfect of places. When college student Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) investigates a mystery in his small town, he unwittingly opens the door to an underworld of murder, sex, kidnapping and blackmail. Dennis Hopper gives one of the big screen's most unforgettable performances as Frank Booth, a twisted drug sniffing villain with (how does one put it delicately?) "mommy issues." Voted "one of the greatest films of all time" by Entertainment Weekly.


Angelo Badalamenti
Brad Dourif
Dean Stockwell
Dennis Hopper
Donald Moore
Frances Bay
Fred Pickler
George Dickerson
Hope Lange
Isabella Rossellini
J. Michael Hunter
Jack Nance
Ken Stovitz
Kyle Maclachlan
Laura Dern
Moses Gibson
Priscilla Pointer
Selden Smith



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